Geofast is a web-based tool for the interactive exploration of mobile phone data. Such data is provided for Belgium, France as well as Ivory Coast and has been aggregated on different administrative levels.

Geofast has been the developed at the Université catholique de Louvain by the research group on large graphs and networks.

The tool is available at



HyperVerse has been a joint research project at the Universities of Luxembourg and Trier. The aim of this project was to study and develop network technologies feasible for the realization of massive multiuser virtual environements on a global scale.



CrePes (Creative Programming environment for schools) is an integrated programming environment tailored to the specific needs of kids at the age of 8 and above. The software has been developed in order to teach children programming in a playfully way. The IDE offers a two dimensional game field where the user can place arbitrary game objects along with a programmable robot. The robot can be controlled by C# programms in order to perform given tasks such as finding its way through a labyrinth or sorting piles of game objects and so on.

CrePes has been developed at the System Software and Distributed Systems group at the University of Trier. Since 2006 the Software is used in periodical programming workshops for children at the University of Trier and at the University of Luxembourg. The software along with numerous teaching material and information is available at the CrePes website.